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Documentary “The Way to the Future”

On the Great Axis FERRMED and its Area of Influence, and its role in the development of the European economy.
This is a TV documentary with a duration of 52 min.

Director: Massa d’Or Productions

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EU Core Net Cities Platform

The aim is to settle an Association of cities related to the Trans-European Core Network. Its purpose is the exchange of experiences and the development of logistics, transport and ICT systems, as well as the urban impact these actions may lead at the Trans-European Core Network in order to push “smart intercities links” in EU.

Promoters: Barcelona City Council and FERRMED

It was established in June 2013 in Barcelona, with a congress and an exhibition regarding the smart links betwwen the cities involved in the Association.

Another congress was held in Genoa in June 2014.

The 1st FERRMED – EU CORE NET CITIES Tribune, was held in Barcelona in January 2015.

The 2nd FERRMED – EU CORE NET CITIES Tribune, was held in Málaga in April 2016.

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Business EUMED

The foundational objectives of the Associations are based in the creation of a reflexive and action network between entities, institutions, enterprises and persons, with the goal of develop the follow items:

1. Promotion of the activities and business on the Union for the Mediterraean (UfM) area
2. Promotion of the peace, the dialogue and the socioeconomically progress around of UfM
3. Development of network transport around of UfM
4. Promotion of the relationship between all type of enterprises, organisms and institutions of the UFM area

And, generally, to promote actions in all ambits ot the economy and human knowledge in all UfM countries, with the goal of to strength and to complement the actions of the Permanent Secretariat of the UfM.

BUSINESS EUMED pretends to maximize the projects and activities developed by his members.