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Collaboration between UIC and FERRMED

Collaboration between UIC and FERRMED


FERRMED and UIC (International Union of Railways) agreed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at promoting an efficient and sustainable logistics supply chain at European and Eurasian level considering innovative railway transport solutions. The agreement was signed by Mr. Jean Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, and Joan Amorós, FERRMED president, in occasion of the 23rd UIC General Assembly on 7th December in Paris.

The Memorandum recognises transport as “an essential driver of economic development”, also acknowledging the need to “keep the balance between a sound environment and a prosperous economy”.

It provides for the “exchange of knowledge and best-practice experiences”, as well as for the “exchange information on research, project development, intermodal and railway implementation”. The parties also agree to “lobby joint innovative research and business support projects, particularly in the following fields:

  • Integrated transport and logistics
  • Congestion relief and infrastructural reinforcements
  • Intelligent environmental, energy and time saving concepts
  • Intelligent trains and rolling stock improvements for freight:
  • Integrated management, monitoring and tracking of freight trains, including data sharing and avoidance of manual re-entry of data when shipments cross borders;
  • Longer freight trains;
  • Efficient available and accessible intermodal terminals, which could be classified as Strategic Trans-Eurasian Terminals, intermediate Terminals, local terminals and Trans-border Railways Terminals;
  • Loading gauge enlargement for transport of whole trucks or truck trailers
  • Potential railways freight traffic analyses in most important corridors.”

FERRMED and UIC agree on cooperation through “bilateral meetings, events and workshops on subjects linked with transport, particularly on intermodal approaches and multimodal corridors. Questions of legal, technical, organisational and infrastructural nature should equally be included”.

The ambition of this cooperation is to “propose well-balanced solutions to the members of the two partners based on UIC International Railway Solutions used in FERRMED recommendations.”

Representative of each organisation will lead the joint work. In particular, a Strategic Liaison Group (SLG) will be established looking for UIC international railway solutions, in line with the FERRMED Multisectoral Working Groups work plan.