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Outstanding agreements of FERRMED and other key institutions in Zhengzhou

FERRMED - UIC agreement

In the framework of the implementation of the Strategic Agenda of Cooperation EU - China 2020, the People’s Government of Zhengzhou, FERRMED and  UIC (International Union of Railways), have signed in Zhengzhou an agreement of cooperation in order to promote a platform of big logistic "hubs" in Europe and Asia.


The object of this Platform is: to upgrade the exchange and the cooperation between the big logistic and industrial hubs in agreement with the initiative "One Belt, One Road”, to improve significantly the connectivity and the efficiency of the railway and multimodal freight transport between China and the European Union". Companies, centres of research and development, railway and logistic operators, … are invited to participate in this operation that will get to involvement of FERRMED Multisectoral Working Groups.


Also, Zhengzhou and FERRMED have agreed to collaborate in the enhancement of the freight railway transport and in fostering enterprise’s relations in all  aspects, through representative offices in China and Europe.


These agreements have been made during the conference organized together between the People’s Government of Zhengzhou and FERRMED, under the slogan "Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Cooperation Forum", with an important participation of companies and institutions from several countries of the European Union, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. They can have a special impact in the development of the most relevant Trans-European corridors.


In declarations made by the Mayor of Zhengzhou, Wang Yuehua, and the President of FERRMED, Joan Amorós, to the mass media of China, this forum will be developed annually in two versions, one in the European Union and another in China.


Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan's province, the most populated in China (100 million inhabitants), is a neuralgic functional and communications centre, with an impressive industrial and logistic future. It is a modern city of 10 million inhabitants and, together with Shenzhen, is the city of major demographic growth of China and one of the first in GDP increase.

Mr. Joan Amorós


Zhengzhou, on July 17 and 18, 2018