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FERRMED - Zhengzhou Conference

FERRMED - Zhengzhou Conference

Zhengzhou Municipality and FERRMED organize in Zhengzhou on July 17th the FERRMED – ZHENGZHOU Conference “One belt, One Road: Jointly building a smart Railway System to better connect Asia and Europe”, in the framework of the First Forum. Experts from across the European Union, Russia and China with participate in the conference, according to the attached programme.


The Conference, that will identify efficient development steps for the Eurasian railway freight network “making today’s freight system to work for business”.


We seek to define a process for identifying:


1.- Main ways of enhancing the European/Eurasian railway system with the suitable strategic megaterminals, from the shipper’s view point.


2.- Main countermeasures that solve existing problems related to key topics for better connectivity and compatibility Asia-Europe.


Efficient development of the European and Eurasian railway system


The First Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Cooperation Forum will identify efficient development steps for the European and Eurasian railway freight system for shorter door to-door lead times, lower logistics costs and better service.


We will consider these central issues and recommendations:


  • Prioritization of Eurasian corridors.
  • Strategic Eurasian mega-terminals: recommended characteristics and classification.
  • Eurasian railway system: key topics for connectivity and compatibility.
  • FERRMED Multisectoral Working Groups: European/Eurasian focus. Working groups: infrastructure, operations and rolling stock. Smart ways to ensure interpenetration of European and Asian railway flows.
  • Specific Silk Road projects and success stories
  • Possibilities for financing


Zhengzhou has a population of about 10 million inhabitants and, besides being the capital of the province of Henan (100 million inhabitants), is an industrial and logistic centre of first level.


The Zhengzhou authorities are very interested in establishing collaboration agreements with other cities and universities European