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Third Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Cooperation Forum (Europe)

Residence Palace / International Press Centre 155 Rue de la Loi, 1040 Brussels


To push the business-oriented development of the Trans-European/Trans-Eurasian Railway Network, particularly for freight (bottlenecks solving and FERRMED Recommendations/Standards of Reference implementation, including high capacity intelligent trains & terminals, digitalization, data sharing, blockchain and smart intercities links, in the framework of 5G and Circular Economy) improving the multimodal logistics global chain, in order to facilitate the transfer of road traffic to rail, reduce drastically lead times (door to door), assure ETA accomplishment and strongly decrease the transportation costs.
To identify Strategic/Gateway Multimodal Terminals at EU and Eurasian Level in the most important Trans-Eurasian Corridors and to select main lines (plus back-up lines and feeders) of interconnection between them.
To settle the outstanding topics of FERRMED Recommendations/Standards of Reference, to be implemented in the corresponding Strategic Terminals and in the different sections of the interconnection railway lines, in order to obtain a radical improvement of reliability and efficiency in the railway transportation system.
Consequently, with previous agreements and consultations with other key organizations (like UIC, OSJD, CCTT, CER, ERFA, SHIFT2RAIL, UIRR, UNECE, ...) the appropriate improvement Action Plans will be analysed and proposed to the European Commission, EU Member States, China, Russian Federation and other main CIS countries.
In that occasion, appropiate Action Plans in order to achieve the European Commission targets of “30% of road freight over 300 kms should shift to other modes such as rail or waterborne transport by 2030”, in most important EU Core Network Corridors will be proposed and analyzed. A “circular freight transport system” in a selective network will be presented.