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Presentations of the FERMMED study on sustainable transport to comply with the EU green pact

Chamber of Commerce of Lleida

FERRMED has presented the initial conclusions of its comprehensive Study of Traffic and Modal Shift Optimization in the European Union in Lleida, to the presidency of CIMALSA, and to the management of the DG MOVE of the European Commission. 

The document advocates for an optimization of the European Union's land freight transport system, seeking the best road-rail combination to meet the EU's environmental criteria. 

The proposal was debated in early May at the Chamber of Commerce of Lleida, which is a member of FERRMED, as it is the City Council and the Provincial Council, also present at the event. The study offers substantial advantages for Lleida, which could become a major rail hub if measures described in the study are adopted, such as putting the Torreblanca terminal into operation, with a direct connection to the Lleida-Manresa-Barcelona line. Create a new terminal in Bellpuig and another terminal in Borges Blanques. Change the Tarragona-Lleida-Tardienta-Zaragoza line to the international gauge of track. And promote a change to the international gauge of the Lleida-Pobla de Segur line, among other aspects. 

Also, in early May the proposal was sent to the presidency of CIMALSA, the public company affiliated with the Catalan Government that promotes, builds, and manages logistics and transport plants. The high interest shown by these groups was also reflected in the presentation of the plan made to the DG MOVE of the European Commission.