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Europe invites FERRMED to present its sustainable and efficient rail freight transport plan

  • FERRMED celebrates the EU’s commitment to a freight rail transport plan
  • FERRMED president meets EU transport committee chief in Brussels

Karima Delli, head of the European Parliament's transport and tourism committee, has invited FERRMED to present to the committee its Study of traffic and modal shift optimization in the UE, which defines the key aspects of a future European sustainable and efficient transport plan and honors as well the 2011 European White Book on transportation. 

Ferrmed's president, Joan Amorós, warmly accepted Ms. Delli’s invitation after the videoconference held between them in Brussels on June 14. Delli also expressed to Amorós her willingness to advance a European rail and freight transport plan. 

The FERRMED study embraced by Europe proposes to respond to this need, achieving the objectives of the Great Deal, in terms of sustainability, and significantly reducing the inefficiency of European land transport systems. The plan unveils a top priority of 18,000 miles of investment in the core of trans-European rail corridors, and a second priority in the 8500 kilometers of rail corridors in peripheral member states, as well as identifying  key rail hubs in the European transport network.