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FERRMED: The multisectoral business oriented approach to the EU global logistics chain development and railway freight transportation system enhancement with Eurasian outlook.


FERRMED is a non-profit multisectoral Association that was founded by the private sector in Brussels on the 5th of August 2004 in order to improve rail freight transportation and industrial competitiveness in Europe, global Eurasia and North of Africa.

Trans Eurasian Main Routes

FERRMED is promoting the implementation of common technical railway standards, the so-called "FERRMED Standards"; the improvement of the connections of Ports and Airports with their respective hinterlands; the upgrade of EU socio-Economic Mega-Regions links -at Eurasian level-, through the rise of Trans-Eurasian Logistics Mega Hubs; the Full FERRMED Corridors (or EU Main Trans-Eurasian Corridors) achievement (for freight, considering only the most important part of the EU Railway Core Network); the evaluation of the challenges and opportunities of the multimodal transportation network development, related to the “three global vectors of growth” in Europe.

Another key FERRMED objective is the optimization of the full logistics chain, considering appropriate intermodality, increasing quality, assuring traceabilityand reliability, accomplishing lead times and timetables (door to door), improving management procedures in the transportation systems, and decreasing GHG emissions without curbing mobility.

Three vectors


Global Study