FERRMED is a non-profit multisectoral Association that was founded by the private sector in Brussels on the 5th of August 2004 in order to improve rail freight transportation and industrial competitiveness in Europe.

FERRMED is promoting the implementation of common technical railway standards, the so-called "FERRMED Standards"; the improvement of the connections of Ports and Airports with their respective hinterlands; the upgrade of smart intercities links through the rise of EU CORE NET CITIES PLATFORM and FERRMED– EU CORE NET CITIES Tribunes; the Full FERRMED Corridors achievement (for freight, considering only the most important part of the EU Railway Core Network); the evaluation of the challenges and opportunities of the multimodal transportation network development, related to the “three global vectors of growth” and the conception of a Great Rail Freight Axis Scandinavia-Rhine-Rhone-Western Mediterranean, as a backbone of one of these vectors.

Another key FERRMED objective is the optimization of the full logistics chain considering appropriate intermodality, reducing costs, increasing quality, assuring traceability and reliability, accomplishing lead times and timetables and improving management procedures in the transportation systems.

OUI LGV November 29th

Memorandum of Understanding betwwen Zhengzhou and FERRMED under EU-China Regional Economy Cooperation Mechanism

Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government and FERRMED reached consensus on building long-term cooperation intentions are below:

I. Setting up representative office

1. FERRMED will set up a representative office in Zhengzhou to conduct regular communication work with relevant agencies and businesses in Zhengzhou, in an effort to strengthen mutual communication and liaison, as well as to deepen and implement concrete cooperation projects with Zhengzhou.

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